Balloon Race

balloon race

What is a balloon race?

A balloon race is a competition where entrants purchase a balloon which has a numbered ticket attached to it. This balloon is then released either singularly, or as part of a mass release.

The buyer of the balloon that travels the furthest and has its ticket returned by the finder to the organisers is the winner and receives a prize. A small prize is also given to the person that returned the winning label.

The balloon race tickets are made of biodegradable thick paper and do not involve string or the use of plastic valves when attached to the balloons.

Schools, clubs and institutions normally hold a balloon race to raise money.

Display material is easily produced both before and after the event. A wall map indicating from where labels released during the balloon launch have been returned is an obvious idea that can help keep the balloon race – and the cause attached to it – fresh in people’s memories.

There are strict guidelines controlling the release of balloons into the atmosphere. We strongly recommend that only a small balloon release should be attempted without our professional assistance. Small being defined as anything up to 1,000 balloons. The guidelines are designed to minimize the risk of any potential danger to aviation, animals, sea creatures and the general environment.

For help and advice either visit the store or contact us using the Need Help? link on the right hand side of this page or call us, see details on our Contact Us page.

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