Early Starts and Corporate Jobs

Early Starts and Corporate Jobs


All about early starts and corporate jobs. And the week isn’t even over yet! We have had an early start and corporate job every day this week. With some of us starting at 3am on one day and 5am on all the others! It all started on Monday with a job at Green Park in Reading for Tanium. Straight after we then went to PepsiCo to do a large arch. All the time another member of staff was at Capita in Reading Bridge House. Then Tuesday, we had an arch to do for Vodafone. They had a recruitment day at their store in The Oracle Shopping Centre. Wednesday was a day for Abbott in Maidenhead. Then on Thursday, the 3am start for BMI. They were moving offices. To the 13th Floor. We had some great views of Reading from up there!  BMI wanted a load of bouquets around a 15,000 square foot office. So we were happy to oblige. All to be done before 7am! Today, Friday, we were back at Tanium and to Papa Johns! Phew! What a week. Now for the weekend. Where we have? You got it! An early start, for Star Sports in Woodley. All ready to promote the Grand National. Followed by 7-8 decor jobs for various occasions. Looking forward to next week. When we can do more decor pieces for our valued customers.

BMI office balloon decor BMI office balloon decor papa johns balloon decor papa johns balloon decor vodafone balloon decorpepsico balloon arch


Take a look at our CORPORATE gallery and our ARCHES AND LARGE DECOR gallery for loads of ideas!

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